Technology Assessment Framework

Technology is more than just a piece of hardware or software that we commonly refer to as IT. Technology can be defined as knowledge, people and systems/tools working in unison to:

• Enrich and improve the lives of people

• Improve business productivity

• Improve business efficiency

• Improve safety at home and at work

• Mitigate risks

If you can’t answer some of the following question your business might be at risk due to the current technology in use:

• How do you keep track of technology in your business?

• Do you understand the technology stack behind each system?

• How do you know what technology is actively putting your business at risk and the size of the risk?

• How do you determine when it is the right time to start to reinvest and where?

• How do you communicate that risk to investors/senior management?

There is direct link between the competitiveness and efficiency of a business and their management and use of technology.

Our assessment framework helps you identify and quantify these risk.

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