DBS Framework

The framework was design with two major objectives in mind:

• Reduce the amount of time spend on technical design regarding the data architecture.

• Make the data architecture agile so that it can evolve with the business.

The framework allows us to configure the data architecture of a solution which is loaded into memory when the system is running as where traditionally you would have to create and define in rigid database tables which can't be change that easily. This allows us to make changes to the data architecture without having to touch the database or recompiling the code.

What this means for your business is that we can adapt our systems to your business needs when required and not having the business adpat to the system.

The framework is based on the principle that any business or production process can be defined with in the following entities:

• Processes

• Specification

• Resources

• Products

This framework forms the basis of most of our solutions designs which include systems like:

• MOM/MES systems

• Plant Maintenance systems

• Process Historians

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